January 2, 2010: starting the new year in mountain, in a really windy day, with Benito...

2 gennaio 2010
Ricky and Benito

The Nord/Ovest wind (phoen) raised the snow

Benito (Never Say Never), 5 months old

Ricky and Benito

Anna and Benito

to get ready for to drink a toast...(with Italian sparkling wine, of course!)


Happy New Year!!!!

I want ot taste too...

Slurp, slurp...

mmhhh...yes, I like it!

with Anna

and with Ricky

...after the wine...

going home

well, the temperature was around -8,5° (celsius), there was whirlwind, I walked for 7 kilometers in the snow, I tasted the Italian sparkling wine...yes, this was the most beautiful upcoming New Year I had !