July 4, 2009: ...ua cup of coffee with our JohnnyLee and LunchBox

Gran San Bernardo - 2473 metri above sea level

The Gran San Bernardo Pass


Lunch and JohnnyLee with Anna


JohnnyLee (Lead-Pipe Cinch)  and  Lunch (LunchBox)  -  6 months old


JohnnyLee and Lunch with Ricky, on the Gran San Bernardo lake


Lunch and JohnnyLee


JohnnyLee and Lunch  -  6 months old




on the last snow




in Switzerland!


JohnnyLee and Lunch with Ricky


a cup of coffee


JohnnyLee  -  6 months old


typical Swiss house


Anna and JohnnyLee




JohnnyLee and Ricky


ice cream at  Chillon Castle


our young dogs pose for a picture with a group of Japanese tourists


Lunch and JohnnyLee


again on Gran San Bernardo pass


cuddle by guys


JohnnyLee and Lunch