July 8, 2009: at Moncenisio pass with Shoes and JohnnyLee, for a little history lesson

going up toward Varisello fort

Ricky with Shoes and JohnnyLee

the Moncenisio lake


JohnnyLee (Lead-Pipe Cinch)  6 months old


JohnnyLee and its Mom Shoes




Anna with Shoes and JohnnyLee


JohnnyLee and Shoes (near 4 years old)




The Varisello fort, built in 1877 / 1880, is the bigger work of the military complex of Moncenisio
(in the photo, the north side)


the Varisello fort and, behind, Bard's pick (3150 m)




The Varisello fort was ingloriously used like a target during some military exercise in 1909


passage inner the fort


inner courtyard west side




arcade under the dormitories






inner courtyard (Shoes, Annamaria and JohnnyLee)


West side courtyard (Annamaria with Shoes and JohnnyLee)


At the entrance of the fort (Shoes and JohnnyLee)


JohnnyLee and Shoes






JohnnyLee - 6 months old)


After the history lesson, we come back at home