March 9, 2014:

magnificent trip on the Parco del Monte di Portofino.


It starts from San Rocco di Camogli - Mortola - Batterie - Cala dell'Oro - San Fruttuoso - Base 0 - Prato - Portofino piazzetta.
Breathtaking seascape, in a wonderful sunny day.
Ups and downs the path, sometimes becomes a little more challenging for some points where you have to go directly on the rock overlooking the sea.
The use of chains facilitates the way, especially in a short stretch where the rock has few points of support for the feet.
10,5 kilometers of path, to reach Portofino.
The only "flaw", my and Ricky dresses, unsuited to that trip. But we didn't know about our excursion..

Enjoy photos!

Ricky, Anna and Massimo


Punta Chiappa

Massimo, Ricky and Margherita

Anna, Ricky and Margherita

Ricky and Anna

Margherita, Anna and Massimo

Anna and Ricky


here you have to go directly on the rock overlooking the sea

San Fruttuoso can only be reached by sea or by the path.
Look at this magnificent place!

Ready for a wine glass and a piece of focaccia

 Massimo and Margherita

Leaving San Fruttuoso, towards Portofino


Real mimosa!

View on Portofino...


Portofino center.
At this point, we had to come back to Rapallo with the bus...but Ricky had a great idea...and so we walked from Portofino to Rapallo.
Total kilometers on foot (whole trip), 20.600 kilometers!

To  Rapallo at last ! Fragolino at "Saline" (prosecco, vodka and fresh strawberry)
Cheese Focaccia at the end of a memorable day!
Thanks to Massimo and Margherita!!