October 16, 2014: Malamot Fort - 2917 mt asl. Annamaria, Ricky and...a meeting at close range!

November 1th: same place, with Marina, Barbara, Giovanni and Massimo


October 16

View on the Moncenisio lake and on Varisello Fort. Upper-level, the first snow.


Giaset Col ruins

War surplus

near the Fort...

...a female of rock goat. We are hoping to see more of them..

...yes...another female...

...we couldn't imagine to "meet" the rest of herd at such close range!!

conscious to be entered in their territory, we stayed silent to admire and to photograph them, very near to us

a glance on the White lake

unwillingly, we said goodbye to rock goat and we turned towards home

clouds on the valley

November 1th

Ricky with Massimo. This was his first trip on high mountain

Ricky, Giovanni and Massimo



Giovanni and Barbara

zoom Malamot fort



Massimo inside the artillery observatory

below, the White lake