August 17, 2014: on Thabor mount again

Starting point at 1700mt asl at 5:50 AM; + 4°C the temperature; the summit wait us at 3178mt asl  -  distance in km 9,720   -   total drop 1478mt 

zoom on top of Thabor Mount

climbing and watching behind us...


behind us, the Valle Stretta

slope is hard now


on the right, up there, the Chapel



at the Chapel at last! no one, clear sky and wonderful quiet

Thabor's chapel :
this chapel is consecrated to Madonna Addolorata. Rebuilt in 1648, seems to have very ancient origins


still few meters to reach the real summit

Thabor Mount summit, 3178mt asl

...360° around us...







our eyes are filled of such we can come back!